About Lake Tahoe & Nevada Adventure Company

contact_3You’re probably thinking about visiting our part of the world because of its spectacular beauty and unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities. Lake Tahoe Adventures was started over 20 years ago – and is still owned and operated today – by local Lake Tahoe folks who love the backcountry. This is our home and we like sharing it with others. We’ve taken thousands of people from all over the world out to see and do things that they just can’t experience back at home. Still, no two guests and no two tours are alike. We’re confident that we can show you a special adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.

Land Stewardship

We consider ourselves stewards of the public lands and we invite you to share in that philosophy when you come out on tour with us. Our public lands belong to everyone in America and are there for everyone to use, enjoy, respect, and protect. Motorized vehicles are a safe, efficient, and reliable way to a spectacular backcountry experience. When operated responsibly they have minimal impact on the land. We are responsible motorized recreationists and we teach our guests how to be responsible as well. If you think off-pavement driving is all about flinging dirt high in the air and tearing up the land, you’re wrong. Let us show you how we Tread Lightly!

We also believe that there is lots of backcountry for everyone to enjoy. Motorized vehicles just happen to be our favorite way to get outside. But we also hike, ride bikes and horses, ski, snowshoe, and paddle. If we see you on the trail we’ll give you a wave. And if you see us and like what we’re doing, give us a wave back.

As our cities become more crowded and stressful, America’s backcountry becomes more and more precious. It is important for all of us to ensure that these special places remain and are still accessible for our grandchildren. We strongly believe that taking folks out to see and enjoy their public lands is one of the best ways to protect the backcountry. Without a personal connection, it is difficult to appreciate the grandeur and the immense value of rugged country. We strongly encourage you to visit your public lands. When you return home, please vote to preserve access to these special places.