Pine Nut Mountain Tour Overview

Experience the rugged beauty and the delicate eco-system of the high desert in the Pine Nut Mountains. If you think the desert is flat, you’ll be surprised. Our guides will take you through the winding washes, up steep hills, and down rugged canyons. You will enjoy majestic views of this remote and beautiful landscape and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the wild mustangs that roam free across Nevada.
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Pine Nut Mountain trail center

Available tours & pricing

Ridge Run — ATV

— 2 Hours —

$140 single

$200 double

Our most popular tour!

Ridge Run — Razor

— 2 Hours —

$190 driver

+ $50/passenger

Big Desert — Razor

— 3 Hours —

$280 driver

+ $50/passenger

Big Desert — ATV

— 3 Hours —

$190 single

$250 double

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Ridge Run — ATV or Razor

Our most popular tour

  • atv_razor_combo22 hours
  • ATV: $140 single ⁄ $200 double
  • Razor: $190 driver ⁄ $50 per passenger

The Ridge Run is an exciting 2-hour tour across the Carson Valley landscape. This tour will give you a taste of what ATV and Razor riding is all about. Take a step back from civilization and breathe in the sweet sagebrush air as you learn a little history, get some great photos and experience the rush of high desert off-roading!

Professional off-road guides will show you the basics of vehicle operation, take you step-by-step through a practice session and then guide you down the trail to explore the limitless possibilities and challenges of the Pine Nut Mountains!

Big Desert – Explore the high country

  • atv_razor_combo2b3 hours
  • ATV: $190 single ⁄ $250 double
  • Razor: $280 driver ⁄ $50 per passenger

The Big Desert Tour gives you more time to explore the grand landscape of the high desert and Pine Nut Mountains. Discover your inner off-road enthusiast as you navigate twisting sand washes, access old mining trails and kick some dust over the mountain passes as you climb to picturesque 360° vantage points.

Our adventure guides will provide you with knowledge to safely operate your machines through various challenges tailored to your party. Super size your adventure with custom additions such as private groups, on-tour lunches and photography excursions!

Please Note: prices and terms listed here are subject to change without notice. Off-season tours list the pricing as of the end of the prior season. There may be other tours available but not listed here. Additional pricing options may exist. Please inquire at the office about any other available tours, options, and terms. Enjoy responsibly!