Razor Excursion

1-4 people, 4 wheels, unlimited fun!

  • 2 hours
  • Capacity: 1-2 adults and 1-3 children (seats 4 max)
  • $190 driver ⁄ $50 passenger

Utilizing a sturdy off-road frame with the 4×4 power and performance of an ATV, find out what a thrill a Razor can be! Purpose built for rugged off-road terrain, this machine has capacity for up to two adults or an adult and a child. Roll bars, seat belts and shading provide for a more beginner-friendly introduction to our off-road adventures.

The high desert is a favorite with nature enthusiasts and curious sightseers! 10,000 years of Native-American and European-American history have shaped the land that spread’s out before you. Keep a sharp eye out for lizards and snakes of every size, birds of prey soaring above, a lone coyote on the hunt or if you’re lucky, the famous wild mustangs of Nevada!