Rubicon Trail Tour Overview — ATV

The Rubicon Trail is one of the most rugged and challenging off-road trails in the United States, perhaps even the world! It lays claims to many tires, axles, and even entire vehicles. It is the great grand-daddy of all 4-wheel trails. Privileged few will ever encounter the grand glacial remnants found in this desolated outback. We offer a variety of Rubicon ATV Tours that pass through some of the most well-known landmarks on the trail. Select from one of the options below to get more information.

Open June through first snowfall.

Where's the Rubicon Trail?

Available tours & pricing

Miller Lake

— 2 Hours —

$140 single / $200 double


Observation Point

— 4 Hours —

$240 single

Intermediate to Advanced

Dollar Hole

— 3 Hours —

$190 single

Beginner to Intermediate

Rubicon Springs

— 6 Hours —

$395 single

Please Note: prices and terms listed here are subject to change without notice. Off-season tours list the pricing as of the end of the prior season. There may be other tours available but not listed here. Additional pricing options may exist. Please inquire at the office about any other available tours, options, and terms. Enjoy responsibly!