Specialty Tour

snow3Lunch/Dinner Tours

Have a group that needs that special event? How about a picnic in the backcountry? Just ask for a private lunch tour and we’ll provide a gourmet box lunch. Take a break on the trail and enjoy a freshly made deli sandwich, a snack, a drink, and an incredible lunchtime view.

Sit-down dinners with real plates and linens? Music? Candlelight? Just ask and we’ll begin building a special tour that you and your friends will remember forever.

Moonlight Tours

John Muir called the Sierra Nevada “the Range of Light.” We have some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. And a mountain moonrise can take your breath away. So when the conditions are just right, we plan a special moonlight snowmobile tour for a small group of friends. If you’d like to come along, ask us when the next one is planned.

  • Helmets, Boots, and Gloves included!
  • Goggles and Snowsuit available for rent.
  • Complimentary shuttle available (from select locations)
  • Specialty tours require advanced planning.